Shifting gears

It has occurred to me that trying to write while doing other things- working, staying at home, caring for a house and family, etc.- is like putting on different personalities, often many in the same day. It's not like the proverbial wearing of different hats. It's not that easy. With hats, you can just pop them on and off. But when it comes to writing versus being mom versus being wife versus taking care of a house and home, it's a full mindset and skill set change.

That's not easy. It's especially not easy to do all in one day.

Shifting gears: "writing while doing other things is like putting on different personalities, often many in the same day." ( went to an all day writing workshop this past Saturday. I don't go often, but it's so much fun to go and think and talk about writing all day long. When I got home, I couldn't get a good read on my family. I didn't know if something was wrong or if they'd had a bad day, or if it was just me having a hard time switching from writer mode to family mode. It can be really confusing to walk through the door and need to be a completely different person on demand.

Now, all that is not to say that it's impossible. Quite far from it. It just takes some planning some days. I'm finding that I need to be very protective of writing and creative time so that I don't let it slip through the cracks of a busy day. Sometimes, that's easier said than done, but it's important because those days where writing slips seem to stack up once I let one sneak in.

My solution at the moment is to set a very modest word count goal each day something that is so low it seems ridiculous not to do more. It helped jump start my writing in June and I know it will work again. I'm trying to be very intentional about sitting down each day and getting those words in. For me, the earlier in the day, the better. It makes it a lot easier to shift gears and go work on a different project or run errands if needed later in the day if I know I've gotten my writing in.

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