Writing Alive

Oof. I just finished Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. I'd heard several times how great this book is, and it did not disappoint at all. I've been carrying it around in my bag for months, reading it here and there when I have time, especially when I'm early in the school pickup line.

There is a treasure trove of information in here about writing, about why writers write, and why they should write. But it's so much more than that. It is most definitely about life, as the cover says.

I underlined heavily throughout this book and I'm positive I'll go back to it again and again. Lamott's easy style and conversational tone make it so accessible. She also makes it easy to believe that, indeed, one can be a great writer... if they just bare their soul, open their wounds, and sit down religiously to pour their life onto the page.

Easier said than done, some days, but a goal worth striving for.

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